Good health and good care go hand in hand with good sanitation conditions. Any form of pest infestation may both harm patients, and destroy the reputation of a health facility forever.

AKA Pest Control knows how to assure that your facility maintains the highest standards of pest control.

We offer service to any one of the following areas:

Hospitals / Medical Complexes: Protecting patients, visitors and staff from health risks associated with ants, flies, roaches, bed bugs, and other insects is crucial. It takes a year-round program of preventative maintenance to protect the full complement of people who constantly interact with hospital emergency rooms, operating suites, floor units, doctors’ offices, cafeteria services, and all other areas open to the public 24/7/365.

Assisted Living / Rehabilitation Centers: Aging patients are often defenseless and limited in their ability to contend with common nuisances and pests. Maintaining a healthy and pest-free environment for our seniors can present a special challenge for pest control. That’s why more and more nursing homes throughout the NY and NJ areas are relying on AKA Pest Control to analyze their needs and to provide a year-round program of safe and secure pest control.

Doctors Offices: Doctors, staff and patients all share tight spaces including examining rooms, waiting rooms, bathrooms, offices and other areas in the treatment facility. Because of the busy flow of people and their potential to infection, it is vital that a doctor’s offices be regularly inspected and protected. The team at AKA Pest Control recognizes the potential risks from pest contamination vary from office to office.